Enhancing Cambodian Farmer’s Life and Wealth though our JC(Japan and Cambodia) financial platform.

Enhancing Cambodian Farmer’s Life and Wealth
through our "JC(Japan and Cambodia)"
financial platform.

JC Finance Plc. (JCF) is the “One and Only” financial service provider focusing on
“Agricultural Sector”, to support local farmers in Cambodia
We received the microfinance license from the National Bank
of Cambodia (NBC).

Enhancing Cambodian Farmer’s Life and Wealth though our JC(Japan and Cambodia) financial platform.

Our Impact

  • This is my first tractor.
    I could buy it because JC Finance provided
    a loan to me.
    I'm so excited about how much
    I can increase my harvesting amount this year.

    Mr. Nget Koeurn (Battambang Province)

  • I've bought 8 tractors in past 10 years,
    but I found the JC Finance's services were
    the best in Cambodia.
    So I chose JC Finance.

    Mr. Oeun Khom (Phnom Penh)

  • The tractor bought through loan
    from JC Finance replaced our power tiller plow,
    and it is increasing efficiency
    and mechanizing our farm production.

    Mr. Sem Tav (Takeo Province)

  • We had cultivated just to feed our family,
    but after buying tractor,
    we have plan to use our barren land
    and increase our products to supply the local market.

    Mr. Sreng Non (Kampong Cham Province)

  • My tractor has increased our family income
    by plowing other farmers’ lands.
    Thank you, JC Finance!

    Mr. Heng Sony (Phnom Penh)

  • The tractor has been helping me to save time
    and costs spent on manual labor.
    So I could start new business
    and increased my family income.

    Mr. Nhorm Chy (Battambang Province)

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Products and Features

  • Reasonable interest and down payment
    Reasonable interest and down payment

    Reasonable interest and down payment

    We will offer our loans with reasonable interest and down payment.
    All of our loans are secured by the agricultural machinery purchased by our customers.
    You can see our latest interest rate and the amount of down payment here.

  • Flexible repayment

    Most of microfinance institutions offer loan products with fixed repayment schedule, but we are not like them.
    We carefully analyze our customer's revenue sources and offer flexible monthly repayment schedules that perfectly tailored to each of the customers.

    Flexible repayment
    Flexible repayment
  • Fast delivery
    Fast delivery

    Fast delivery

    The customers, who apply our loan service to purchase agricultural machinery, can get their machinery delivery in 3-4 days after their application for the loan in the shortest.

  • Painless repayment

    We provide all of our customers with "Wing" account, the easiest way to repay their loans.
    “Wing”, the leading mobile banking servicer in Cambodia, is our strategic partner and we integrated our system with “Wing” to facilitate easy repayment for our customers who lives even far from the city.

    Painless repayment
    Painless repayment
  • Collateral enhancement
    Collateral enhancement

    Collateral enhancement

    Our mechanical engineering team has special knowledge and skills in agricultural machineries, and they help our customers in times they have troubles with their machineries.
    Our team is always ready to support our customers who suffer from financial difficulties by making use of the collateral reutilizing.




Meet Some of Our Team

At JC Finance,
we love what we do and we’re lucky to work with some really great people who are passionate about their jobs.
Browse through our team member spotlights to find out what it’s like to work at JCF.

  • Suguru Tomari

    Suguru Tomari


    Vuthea Chea Vuthea Chea

    Vuthea Chea

    Collection and Recovery Manager

    YouYorng Yong YouYorng Yong

    YouYorng Yong

    Credit Manager

    Chanleakena Sourn Chanleakena Sourn

    Chanleakena Sourn


    Chhim Hoeung Chhim Hoeung

    Chhim Hoeung

    Credit Specialist

We're always looking for talented people to join.
Please send your job inquiry from the following contact
form if you are interested in JCF.

  • Suguru Tomari


    After working in corporate sales at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Suguru moved to Cambodia to join a startup in 2012, and successively launched new businesses. He then founded JC FINANCE as a co-founder in 2016, appointed COO in July 2018 and CEO in February 2022 (current position).

  • Vuthea Chea

    Collection and Recovery

    Vuthea takes in charge to Collection and Loan Recovery. He always embraces or embodies the value of hard work, dedication, and the importance of building strong relationships. As a credit specialist and a member of JC Finance, he is expected to be a great leader in future.

  • YouYorng Yong

    Credit Manager

    Yorng has joined JCF since the start-up period and is currently a Credit Manager. He studied Finance & Management in university, and after that, he worked in some FIs as Credit Officer in various provinces. As his experiences, he got the trust of each members and has grown into a person who can consult with anything. He has the goal becoming an owner of large farm in the future through growing himself after work in JC JCF.

  • Chanleakena Sourn


    Leakena has been engaged in one of the most important business operations of JCF, loan repayment (collection) activities. She is highly committed and self-motivated professional with a strong sense of responsibility. So she achieved 100% of the collection/ repayment rate for 19 months in a row. Same as Vuthea, she also received 3 company awards of the year in 2018.

  • Chhim Hoeung

    Credit Specialist

    Hoeung has long experience in the financial industry. Most recently, he served as the Chief Credit Officer for a microfinance institution in Cambodia. After graduating from university, Hoeung studied Philosophy in Thailand/Taiwan and Business Management at Pannasastra University, Cambodia. Hoeung’s passion for improving himself and excellent personality makes him to be one of the “Great Brother” of JCF.

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      CEO Suguru Tomari
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